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New study: Assumptions, stigmatising language, and sub-standard practice from student doctors

Title: Influence of weight etiology information and trainee characteristics on physician-trainees’ clinical and interpersonal communication Authors: Cohen, Persky Source: Patient Education and Counseling, 2019, 102: 1644–1649. Link to paper Super-quick summary: Student doctors read an article about behavioural or genetic

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New study: Internalised weight stigma linked to metabolic syndrome

Title: Association between weight bias internalization and metabolic syndrome among treatment-seeking individuals with obesity Authors: Pearl, Wadden, Hopkins, Shaw, Hayes, Bakizada, Alfaris, Chao, Pinkasavage, Berkowitz, Alamuddin Source: Obesity (2017) Vol 25, pp 317–322. Link to article Super-quick summary: High-weight individuals who internalise weight stigma

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New study: Weight control failure and suicidal ideation

Title: Association between weight control failure and suicidal ideation in overweight and obese adults: a cross-sectional study Authors: Ju, Han, Lee, Kim, Park, and Park Source: BMC Public Health. Epub 23 Nov 2015. Link to free full text Super-quick summary: A cross-sectional study

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Sticks and stones: why terminology among anti-stigma advocates can be fraught

One of the difficulties of working at the interface of the Social Justice Movement and Everyone Else is the use of language. A little over a week ago, an anti-stigma advocate who is situated within the medical paradigm wrote a blog

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When researchers are part of the problem

I recently attended a big psychology conference and during a presentation on stigma and heath disparities, was saddened, but not surprised, to see yet another slide illustrated with an image of what Dr Charlotte Cooper calls the ‘headless fatty‘. These pictures

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New studies: The waiting is (almost) the worst part

Much has been learned in recent years about the negative physical and psychological effects of experiencing weight stigma. Tomiyama and colleagues have shown that experienced weight stigma is associated with increased cortisol (the stress hormone) and oxidative stress independent of abdominal

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Why do heavier children do worse at school? It’s not about ability

This article was originally published on The Conversation. The comments under the article are also worth a read. Read the original article. Negative stereotypes towards heavier individuals starts to affect long-term life opportunities from a young age. A number of

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PhD students: how to pimp your productivity

One of the biggest challenges of graduate study is the lack of structure and the need to be self-directing and self-disciplined. A PhD is as much about consistency and endurance as about intelligence or technique. I know a lot of very clever people

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Researching stigma: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Conducting research into stigmatised groups means that you spend a lot of time thinking and reading about something that is inherently not very nice. It’s depressing and dispiriting. And if you’re a member of that stigmatised group, it’s depressing and

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New study: Kids learning to dislike fat bodies by 2 and a half?

Title: Toddlers’ bias to look at average versus obese figures relates to maternal anti-fat prejudice Authors: Ruffman, O’Brien, Taumoepeau, Latner, Hunter Source: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology (2016) Vol 142, pp 195–202. Link to article Super-quick summary: Toddlers below the age of three

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