New study: Kids learning to dislike fat bodies by 2 and a half?

Title: Toddlers’ bias to look at average versus obese figures relates to maternal anti-fat prejudice Authors: Ruffman, O’Brien, Taumoepeau, Latner, Hunter Source: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology (2016) Vol 142, pp 195–202. Link to article Super-quick summary: Toddlers below the age of three

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New study: Internalised weight stigma predicts eating pathology

Title: Weight Bias Internalization, Emotion Dysregulation, and Non-Normative Eating Behaviors in Prebariatric Patients Authors: Baldofski, Rudolph, Tigges, Herbig, Jurowich, Kaiser, Dietrich, Hilbert Source: International Journal of Eating Disorders. Epub 23 Nov 2015. Link to article Super-quick summary: Higher internalised weight

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Please mind the gap

I’ve been meaning to set up an academic website and blog for a while now. It seemed like a good idea seeing as I have so much spare time during the final year of my doctoral studies. Yeah, right.

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