Lost for words: Esquire publishes horrific hate fest column – and what you can do about it

As a stigma researcher and advocate I sometimes think I’ve seen it all. apparently not. Esquire have published a column by Giles Coren called “I Don’t Care What My Son Becomes… As Long As He Isn’t Overweight.”
That sounds bad, but you literally can’t begin to imagine how much worse the article itself actually is. It is a hate fest from start to finish. As well as promoting both literal child abuse and genocide, Coren managed to get almost every -ist and -phobe he could squeeze into this violent piece of garbage.
You can get the gist of what was actually written without having to give the article any traffic by looking at Ragen Chastain‘s blog post on the subject, which also has links to Esquire’s formal complain form and a Change.Org petition. The link to her blog post is here: https://danceswithfat.wordpress.com/2017/11/12/giles-coren-garbage-human-fatphobe-and-horrifyingly-father/
Please don’t just read this and think, Oh, that’s terrible. Social media is powerful. Please speak up. Signing the petition takes 5 seconds but is only an available option for 9 more hours, today, Sun 12 Nov. The formal complain procedure takes a few minutes. Please let’s not let this become normal.
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One comment on “Lost for words: Esquire publishes horrific hate fest column – and what you can do about it
  1. BodyPositivePhD says:

    Thank you, Angela, I complained citing violations of 5 out of the 16 editorial principles at the Hearst site, and signed the petition. Let’s hope it is an opportunity to turn on some light bulbs.


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